Improving Relationships

Relationship Healing

Relationship Counselling can help improve the way we relate to the people around us and break free of old patterns to realise our potential. It is usually an integral part of personal or individual work.

To address problems in our intimate relationship it may be appropriate to consider Couple Counselling when the relationship, rather than each of the individuals, is considered the 'client'.

Our sense of identity and self-worth rests on the strength of our relationships and often we despair when they fail. Our ways of relating are learned at a young age in the family in which we grew up and we can become stuck in unhealthy and unhelpful habits that restrict our lives.

Under pressure we often revert to familiar patterns. The family scapegoat may find herself quick to accept blame when the pressure builds up at work. The assistant, who was bullied as a child, may find himself drawn to inviting criticism from an overbearing boss.

Self-respect and liking oneself are the most important ingredients for any good relationship. If these are in short supply you may consider counselling to address them. Any relationship that diminishes a person's self-esteem should be examined closely.

Relationship Recovery

Improving Relationships